Beneficial Re-use of Treated Wastewater

Can be broadly classified into four categories :

  • Use on gardens and landscaped areas, both domestically and civilly
  • Use within the home
  • Use by industry
  • Use by agriculture

With the heightened publicity relative to dam levels and water restrictions, a definite trend is emerging relative to the re-use of treated wastewater within the above four categories, although for the most part OHW is concerned with the first two.
Already in unsewered areas, many tens of thousands of domestic Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems (AWTS) treat millions of litres of household wastewater on a daily basis, all of which is used beneficially to irrigate gardens & landscaped areas.
But it has been the introduction of water restrictions that has driven a definite trend in inquiries within the sewered communities regarding the possibility of wastewater re-use within their properties.

Until quite recently, the lack of definitive approval guidelines for Greywater treatment and re-use hampered the supply and installation of these units.  However, now that that impediment has been removed, and with BASIX coming into full force in 2005, we expect to see a steady demand for our Droughtmaster range of products when they become available to the market.

Having said that, OHC has been involved in the design and construction of a variety of wastewater treatment plants that have had tertiary polishing units added to allow for the beneficial reuse of the treated effluent.