Domestic Applications

Whilst specialising in the design and construction of commercial sized plants, OHW made a conscious decision not to neglect the smaller end of the market, the individual household.

As there were a number of AWTS manufacturers with accreditation already in the market place, it was decided as being more commercially prudent to select and represent one of the existing brands.

It was decided the Aqua nova had the best fit, manufactured by Everhard Industries in QLD, an established and respectable company of some 70+ years, with a reputation for quality and reliability.

The product is manufactured from injected polyethylene, which allows exact tolerances and homogeneity, ultimately delivering a superior finished article.

The design of the Aqua nova permits easy access for the service technicians to carry out routine quarterly maintenance calls, which in turn enables the full service to be completed in reasonable time,
which ultimately reflects the excellent quality of effluent delivered by the plant.

Additionally, the Aqua nova's dome shape lids allow the tanks to be located further into the ground than would be the case with the conventional flat top tank, which minimises the aesthetic impact of the system on the garden and landscaped areas.