Company Profile

Who we are.

Oliver-Higgins Wastewater is a design and construct contracting firm specialising in the cost effective resolution of wastewater management issues.  OHW commenced business in 1997 through an alliance of fellow industry professionals who to this day still form the nucleus of an expanded team.  Most of our associates have some 20+ years experience in design and construction, both nationally and internationally, and by drawing on this wealth of in-house knowledge we have been able to deliver innovative and pragmatic solutions to our customers needs.

Our service can extend from the initial assessment, through to the design, construction and ongoing maintenance of the project.

When the upgrade of an existing treatment plant is required, perhaps due to its age or having been outgrown, our experience and expertise does not only render a positive cost to benefit solution, but just as importantly, delivers that solution on time, using best practice and with minimal disruption.

OHW also provides a diagnostic and reporting service for existing treatment plants, allowing the customer a snapshot of the plant's operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.


The founding Director, Mr Kim Higgins, commenced his industry career in the early 80's in the employ of a leading manufacturer of wastewater treatment systems, and during his 13 year tenure undertook various roles within that company, culminating in the role of Managing Director between 1991-1997.  During that time he was involved in the many changes and advances that took place in the wastewater treatment industry, and was actively engaged in the sale of Australian wastewater treatment technology to the USA, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland and Argentina.